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Other Littleton Folders

Acid-free, archival-quality premium folders. Offer precision die-cut slots for ease of use. Green leather-look with gold embossing on exterior. Measure 6‑1/4″ x 8‑3/8″ when  folded.

Millenium Type Set LCF29

Millenium Type Set

Premium three-panel folder with archival quality acid-free paper. 21 precision die-cut slots for the coins issued in 1999-2000. Includes series information.

LCF29 – Case of 50

20th Century U.S. Type Coins LCF27

20th Century U.S. Type Coins

Four-panel folder with archival-quality acid-free  paper. 36 slots for one coin of each design type and denomination that circulated during the 20th century. Includes series dates.

LCF27 – Case of 50

21st Century U.S. Type Coins LCF47

21st Century U.S. Type Coins

Littleton's exclusive coin folder is affordably priced, yet handsome and durable. Measures 6 1/2" x 8 3/8".

LCF47 – Case of 50

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